Last update 6/09/2018

10. Optional fields

10.1 Operation


The ability to work in two stages (authorisation + data capture) depends on the payment methods you wish to use. (See the "Payment Methods Processing/Procedure overview" in the Support section of your account).

If you prefer not to use the same operation code as selected in the "Global transaction parameters" tab, in the "Default operation code" section of the “Technical Information” page in your account for a given transaction, you can send us a specific operation code for this transaction.

The operation code you send us in the hidden fields will override the default operation code selected in the "Default operation code" section of the "Global transaction parameters" tab, on the “Technical information” page in your account. You can send the operation code with the following hidden field:

<input type="hidden" name="OPERATION" value="">

Field Description

Operation code for the transaction.

Possible values for new orders:

  • RES: request for authorization
  • SAL: request for sale (payment)
  • PAU: Request for pre-authorization:
      In agreement with your acquirer you can use this operation code to temporarily reserve funds on a customer's card. This is a common practice in the travel and rental industry.
  • PAU/pre-authorization can currently only be used on MasterCard and Visa transactions and is supported by selected acquirers. This operation code cannot be set as the default in your PostFinance account.
    Should you use PAU on transactions via acquirers or with card brands that don't support pre-authorization, these transactions will be blocked.
In order for this parameter to be taken into account by our system, it needs to be included in the SHA-IN signature calculation for the transaction.

10.2 User field

If you have multiple users in your account and you want to register transactions associated with a specific user (e.g. for call centre agents logging transactions via e-Commerce), you can send the USERID in the following hidden field:

<input type="hidden" name="USERID" value="">

Field Description
The username specified in the account’s user management page

This field is just an informative field to add a USERID to a specific transaction. We do not perform any check at our end to establish e.g. if there have been password errors for this user. The only check we perform is to verify that the USERID is valid. If the USERID does not exist, we will replace it by the default USERID of the account (PSPID).