Last update 6/09/2018

8. Payment link via e-mail

You can send your customers a payment request by email, redirecting the customer to our secure payment page via a button or link in the email.

If the email is in HTML format you can use a form with hidden HTML fields to send us the necessary parameters in POST format.

If the email is in plain text format you can append the necessary parameters to the URL in GET format. (e.g. / orderstandard_utf8.asp?PSPID=TESTSTD&OrderID=order123&amount=12500&currency=EUR&SHASIGN=8DDF4795640EB9FE9B367315C48E47338129A4F5& …)

For more information, go to Link your website to the payment page.

For e-Commerce via email to work, you must bear in mind the following verification related points before the payment:

  • You must leave the referrer/URL field in the URL field in the “Data and origin verification” tab, “Checks for e-Commerce” section of the Technical information page in your account empty, in order to avoid unknown order/1/r errors.
  • You must use an SHA signature as the data verification method for the order details. For further details about the SHA-IN, go to SHA-IN Signature.