Last update 6/09/2018

3. Sale process

The following screenshots represent a sale process after a basic integration of your website with our system.

Sale process summary page

On your website, the customer is shown a summary page with the details of his order. He is requested to confirm this information before proceeding to the secure payment page.

The confirmation button is in fact the visible part of an "HTML form" that contains hidden fields with the payment data, and a submission action that automatically directs the customer in secure mode to a payment page on our server. The hidden fields are described in the Link your website to the payment page chapter.

On our secure payment page, the customer can choose any of the payment methods you have selected.

If the payment is done by credit card, the customer will be requested to enter his card details. The customer can confirm or cancel the payment request.


After requesting the payment from the relevant financial institution, we show the customer a page with the result of his payment.

If the payment is refused, an error message is displayed and the customer is given the option to retry: he can either choose another payment method or change the details previously entered.

A specific page on your website can also be displayed to the customer, depending on the result of the transaction. For more information, please see
Redirection depending on transaction result.