• How do I know if my payment has succeeded?

    This depends on the payment method and the process behind it.

    Generally speaking, if the transaction status is "9 - Payment requested", no action is required anymore, and you will usually receive the money with the next payout of the acquirer. If the status is "5 - Authorised" (which can be the case for credit card transactions), it means the transaction is authorised but you still need to confirm it to receive a payment.

    A list of possible statuses and their meaning is available in Transaction statuses.

  • Since PostFinance's last system release, a feature isn't working anymore. What's happened?

    Each of our system releases can bring new features or updates on existing features, as well as new payment methods or acquirer/bank connections. These updates are done to improve our platform and consequently your overall experience with the platform.

    A system update is first released in our test environment, and two weeks later in our production environment. This is to give you the time to check all new features, and read our release notes to find out what's new.

    If you notice any change in behavior with one or more of the features you regularly work with, we advise you to first check the relevant documentation to see if it's documented. If this is not the case or if you seem to have encountered any sort of error or bug, we strongly recommend you to check this with our customer care Merchanthelp.